Small Home Office with BaronTEL Voice Services is Great

SoHo Business Basic VoIP

Ideal VoIP Telephone Solution for Home Offices and Small Business up to 3 people. Full featured, with many customizable options. BaronTEL SoHo Package includes Unlimted Canada and USA Wide Calling *


Business Enhanced Digital Voice

Advanced telephony VoIP solution for offices up to 20 users. Full featured and customizable Cloud Hosted PBX or local PBX. Unlimited Canada and USA Wide Calling Included *


Business Canada VoIP

Superior telephony solution for businesses with multiple offices located anywhere. Cloud Hosted PBX or Local PBX Unlimited Canada and USA Wide Calling Included *  

BaronTEL is Canadian Company based in Toronto. BaronTEL provides reliable and scalable telephony solutions to companies of all sizes all over North America.

BaronTEL owns all of its servers, switches and routers. BaronTEL backbone network is second to none and provides the greatest degree of reliability.

BaronTEL offers you premium voice telephony service.

On of the most important aspects of providing a premium quality phone service is support. BaronTEL support is almost instantaneous.

BaronTEL telephony service is greatly enhanced by our unparalleled network. Since we own our servers and other network devices, we know them inside and out.

Not Oversold
does not oversell
. It’s important to understand services can be oversold. What happens when phone service is oversold is degradation in the quality of sound. Something BaronTEL doesn’t let happen.

You want reliability. You want instant support. You want peace of mind.

BaronTEL provides peace of mind and a rock solid foundation for cloud hosted PBX’s which is the heart and soul of the company or organization’s telephone system.

BaronTEL’s network is unparalleled in reliability

BaronTEL support is extremely fast.

BaronTEL provides you with consistency in phone service quality and pricing.